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Oasis Starter Seedlings propagation organic grow media ( 480 cubes )

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Eeko Horticubes 22mm*22mm*38mm grow cubes

Considered the best grow medium in the agriculture industry because of its high air composition, increased uptake, high root growth and organic biodegradable qualities. These cubes are used by professional growers all around the world and top in class. A lower density and higher drainage foam, the Horticubes growing medium is specially engineered for the hydroponics seed germination of vegetables and herbs. The Horticubes higher drainage design helps to maintain an ideal air to water balance, even under heavy watering conditions. The enhanced drainage also keeps the top of the media drier, helping to minimize algae growth. The lower density of the Horticubes foam medium enables superior root growth. Best for (crops): lettuce, herbs, and other vegetables

Features 22mm*22mm*38mm High-drainage product characteristic is ideal for crops requiring a high air porosity Specifically engineered balance of water and air promotes vigorous root development Maintains the original air porosity: the cells do not compact after continual watering Pre-dibbled seed holes are uniform in depth and spacing, which makes it easy to automate the seeding process Consistent product quality, cell-to-cell Sterile media arrives pathogen-free, to help reduce disease and insect problems User friendly, no need for protective gear or clothing when handling Easy to separate cubes at transplant No starter fertilizer for maximum nutrient flexibility


Seedling Germination & propagation organic grow media cubes from Oasis Horti-cubes are perfect for starting your hydroponic or traditional garden. These stone wool soft starter seedling cubes provide a nutrient-rich environment for young plants to thrive. Suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor settings, these cubes are a must-have for any home gardener looking to successfully propagate their seeds. Ideal for promoting healthy root growth and ensuring strong, vibrant plants.


*Made of high quality material, durable

*Made from molten rock, spun into marshmallow fibers, then compressed into cubes.

*After high temperature treatment, it is non-toxic and sterile.

*Small bulk density, light texture, large porosity.

*Good air permeability, strong water absorption and good drainage.

*Suitable for growing and establishing all types of plants.

*Excellent choice for soilless cultivation.


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