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General Hydroponic Nutrient Powder – Part A & B KIT (20)

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Advance Hydroponics Nutrient Fertiliser Concentrate 

  • Australian owned and we are growers ourselves

Advanced Hydroponics Super Grow Nutrient 

Great for all vegetables and herbs and used in all types of Hydroponic systems 

Super Grow Nutrient Fertiliser Concentrate Solution.20ml Nutrient A and 20ml of Nutrient

Store in a cool place, mix part A and part B in a nutrient tank with water.

Do not put concentrate A and B in the same container.

Contains – Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium Sulphur, Magnesium, Zinc, Iron,

Copper, Berea, Manganese, Molybate and Calcium Nitrate.



  •                                                                                 Australian owned.

      • Suitable crops: Vegetables and herbs. A perfect nutrient for improved colour and flavour which can be used throughout the growth cycle as it contains sufficient nutrients for good vegetative growth as well. 
      • Hydroponic Nutrient Powder KIT 20 Granule Powder makes 20L Container part A solution concentrate and 20L container part B Solution concentrate = 4000L nutrient water solution
      • Includes 2 x 20 liter buckets, 2 syringes and Nutrient A and B
    • Boost the growth of your Flowering/ Blooming plants with the Super Grow Hydroponics Nutrient Fertiliser Powder Kit. This mineral-based fertiliser, compatible with all-purpose plants, comes in a convenient bag packaging and is easy to use. The kit includes two parts, A and B, for optimal growth. Perfect for hydroponics and outdoor/ indoor gardening, this EEKO brand fertiliser powder provides the necessary nutrients for healthy and vibrant plants.

      Includes instructions

    • Includes Delivery
    • Thank you for shopping with us. 

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