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Super Grow Calcium Nitrogen Fertilizer Concentrate Solution 250ml

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Calcium Nitrogen Fertiliser

Professional growers apply both calcium and nitrogen to plants. I personally use this product with great results.

19.2% Calcium 15.9% Calcium

Both calcium and nitrogen concentrated solution. It is guaranteed safe humans when fertilizing food crops grown in soil or in hydroponics when applied to the roots or as a foliar feed. At the correct dose it can be used with all plants.

Vigorous root growth delivers more uptake of nutrition, more CO2 production for photosynthesis and enhanced stress resistance.
* Superior shoot production is the essence of proactive vigour and plant health.
* Can be fertigated for root response or foliar fertilized to boost shoot production.


Promotes vigorous root growth and shoot development for rapid establishment of horticultural and hydroponic crops.
This product can be used as a very effective “rescue remedy” during times of stress (frost, hail damage, heat, wind, transplant etc).

Can also be used as a seedling treatment.

* Promotes rapid establishment of new plantings including turf, young trees, strawberries and vegetable seedlings.

Just add 20ml of concentrated fertiliser to 10 litres of water and see your plants grow.

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