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32 Plants hydroponic aeroponic aquaponic vertical grow tower garden kit

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Afterpay 4 easy payments $116.25

The  32 pod Eeko Tower are 0.9 meter and 67cm wide at the base. It weighs 13.5kg when empty.
It is made of UV food-grade plastic.
Water Pump: 110-240 volt, 2400 L/h 15watt
Tank 30 Liter
Planting Towers: 32 pods
Colour: White


32 Pod Indoor and outdoor vertical hydroponic Aeroponic tower garden.
1. The height (0.9 meters) 6 level, each level can plant 8 pcs .(leafy vegetables, fruit and herbs, etc.)
2. Build your own urban farm at home and save space. (1 Square meter)
3. Timers design for scientific irrigating and plant lighting.
4. Inside with water tank 30 liter
5. Easy to install and transport.





Afterpay 4 easy payments $116.25


  • High: 0.9M
  • Wide: 60 CM
  • Water Tank 30L
  • Color: Pure white
  • Holes: Grow 32 Vegetables
  • Mesh Pots: 32 mesh pots, made with PP primeval plastic, black color
  • 4 stackable layers
  • 4 Layers, 8 vegetables in each layer
  • No water leaks
  • Suitable for home, balcony, apartment, restaurants and hydroponic green houses
  • Material: Made using non-toxic food grade HDPP
  • UV Stabilized
  • Only need 1M square to grow 32 vegetables, herbs and flowers
  • Grow all kind of leafy vegetables and herbs such as all types of lettuce, all kinds of cabbage, spinach, herbs, amaranth, shallot, onions,…
  • Box Included
    • Complete Hydroponics Aeroponics Tower
    • Pure white color
    • 4 stackable unit
    • 30L water tank
    • Water Pump
    • Mesh Pots: 32 mesh pots, made with PP primeval plastic, black color
    • Tower top cover
    • Seedling cubes
    • Fittings
    • Timer
    • Instructions
  • Benefits
  • Save up to 90% water
  • Know where your foods come from
  • Produces high quality vegetables and herbs
  • Save your time
  • Good for environment reduce carbon emission
  • Grow 30%-50% faster than soil
  • Produce higher yields than soil
  • Grow all year round
  • No green thumb required
  • No Soil
  • No harmful chemicals
  • No pesticides
  • No Weeds
  • Easy maintenance
  • Ideal for small and large home
  • Grow up to 32 plants
  • What You Can Grow
  • Leafy Vegetables, Herbs and Fruits Plants
  • Lettuces, all kinds       Kale              Tomatoes, all kinds           Broccoli                  Leeks              Chickpeas                      Rocket                        Celery            Dandelion                        Spinach, all kinds   Water crest      Squash, all kinds            Cabbage, all kinds     Cucumbers                                             Silver beet              Water spinach  Mustard Green              Tatsoi                         Amaranth greens                                    Brussel sprouts       Mesclun                                                Endive                       Capsicum, all kinds                                 Egg plant, all kinds                          Cauliflower                  Mizuna                       Bitter Melon                                            Bok Choy                Strawberries     Sorrel                          Peas all kinds            Gourds                                                     Spinach                   Horse Radish    Rosemary
  • Theme                       Parsley , Italian, curly                               Peppermint             Shallot               Oregano                    Scallion/ spring onion                     Thai basil                            Vietnamese Mint                              Chives, all kinds
  • Perilla leaf, all kinds                          Dill                                    Tarragon                   Basil, all kinds    Sage                 Cilantro                                           Coriander/ cilantro      Myrtle                            Saw leaf      Mint leaves              Marjoram                                        Rice paddy herb
  • And lots more



           What You Need

  • Access to water and power point
  • Need 1 square meter of space
  • Need 5 to 6 hours of direct sunlight
  • Hydroponic Nutrient

  Simple DIY Installation

Setting up a grow tower has never been easier, simply follow the video instructions and you

will be growing in no time.

Indoor growing Optional, you will need LED grow lights available on our website

Allows plants to grow in low light conditions, perfect for areas with limited light conditions and indoors.

Fully supported with all your hydroponic needs.

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